Continental has developed a low-voltage hybrid system

Continental has developed a low-voltage hybrid system

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new power unit has already been tested on a modified hatchback Ford Focus of the previous generation. Among its advantages, it is worth highlighting economical fuel consumption.

The German company Continental, which specializes not only in tires, has developed a new hybrid installation. In the family of “hybrids” it takes place between the so-called “soft” (MHEV) and full-weight. The novelty, whose electric motor produces 30 kW (40.8 hp), is called 48-Volt High-Power Technology. The performance of such a unit is supported by a 48-volt on-board system, which can often be found in modern hybrids like MHEV. With such a power plant, where there are no high-voltage circuits, the car will receive increased safety.

As a rule, “soft” hybrids do not imply movement on electricity alone, but full-fledged hybrids are capable of this, but they are more expensive. The new Continental hybrid stands in the MHEV range, but can move a car without starting an engine. At the same time, the electric motor without outside help allows you to drive at speeds up to 90 km / h. Along with the new motor comes integrated high-performance power electronics.

 According to the developers, the new hybrid system saves about 20 percent of fuel when compared with a car equipped with only a traditional engine. In addition, using 48-Volt High-Power technology, it is possible to create plug-in hybrids of the type charged from the network, which, as a rule, need high-voltage on-board networks.