Continental develops self-inflating tires

Continental develops self-inflating tires

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Continental has created the concept of tires that can inflate while driving.

The tire under the name CARE has sensors that generate and constantly evaluate information about the tread depth, possible damage, temperature and pressure in the tires. The information collected using these sensors is transmitted by ContiConnect Live, through which it is possible to remotely monitor the status of the bus.

In addition, the new tires have centrifugal pumps integrated into the wheel. As the car accelerates, the centrifugal forces that are created in the wheel affect the pump, forming air pressure.

Continental repeats this PressureProof technology to keep the tire under constant pressure to increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Excess air generated by centrifugal forces is stored in an integrated container that can instantly apply pressure to the tires if necessary.

Currently, the date of appearance of such technology in the series is unknown. The new tire can help increase the efficiency of using electrified and autonomous machines.