Conflict with Hamilton is brewing in Mercedes

Conflict with Hamilton is brewing in Mercedes

March 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Mercedes racing team is worried about over-focusing on Lewis Hamilton. According to Jacques Villeneuve, this does not bring the team well-deserved dividends.

Mercedes has dominated Formula 1 since the start of the hybrid era, but Jacques Villeneuve believes the team needs Valtteri Bottas to defeat Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ championship this year.

Hamilton has come a long way to success, but today it seems to many that he began to “pull the blanket over himself.” Although, to his credit, Lewis ‘success has certainly played a huge role in the Mercedes’ dominance of racing over the past 7 years.

“Driving Lewis brings a lot to the team, but Lewis’s image is growing, not Mercedes’s. That’s the perception. What could really help Mercedes’s image is winning with another driver,” Villeneuve comments.

Obviously, talk about the role of Lewis in the team escalated against the backdrop of not very successful tests Mercedes before the Grand Prix of Bahrain. According to team leader Toto Wolff, “The W12 was not as stable, predictable and stable as some of our rivals. Red Bulls look fast on both long and short laps. days to do so to return to Bahrain stronger. “

There is very little time left to wait for the results of the pre-season tests, the first race will take place on March 28 in Bahrain.