Confirmed: BMW i3 and i8 will not receive direct successors

Confirmed: BMW i3 and i8 will not receive direct successors

July 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian brand is betting on the serial version of the hybrid BMW Vision M Next Concept. Well, the current hybrid models i3 and i8 will not receive their receivers.

Some say that the hybrid cars BMW i3 and i8 are modern members of their class. But in fairness it should be noted that both models are outdated and logically, they should be updated very soon.

  BMW seemed to have an answer to this question a few weeks ago when the Vision M Next Concept hybrid was introduced – the show was held in Munich, Germany. The slightly futuristic appearance of the concept, which is typical for the model i8, resemble a brief overview of the next generation i8. Of course, we also hoped for this, but we are wrong.

“We don’t have a direct successor for either the i3 model or the i8,” – said Froelich in an interview with the Australian edition of

 According to BMW Development Director Klaus Fröhlich, the Vision M Next concept will not be the successor to the i8 serial coupe. In fact, i3 and i8 won’t get any successors at all.

  Regarding the concept of Vision M Next, Frälikh confirmed that it will go into production within three years. Moreover, it will be positioned as a hybrid sports car, which by its nature will be similar to the BMW M model. Nevertheless, he did not rule out the possibility of the appearance of the electric car M, but this will not happen in the near future.