Confectioners made a Broadmoor Special gingerbread racing car

Confectioners made a Broadmoor Special gingerbread racing car

December 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Broadmoor Resort in Colorado on the eve of the Christmas holidays made a copy of the classic Broadmoor Special, which eight times climbed Pikes Peak.

The head of the confectionery center Broadmoor Resort Adam Thomas will set this sweet creation in the lobby of his restaurant in the famous resort of Colorado, where it will remain until the New Year. The Broadmoor Special, the famous race car of the 1920s and 1930s, was recreated as a gingerbread cake as part of the Broadmoor Resort’s annual festive tradition of creating fantastic gingerbread creations, which dates back to 1964.

In fact, the Broadmoor Special was a 1918 Pierce-Arrow touring car that founder Spencer Penrose turned into a real racing car. His driver Harry Macmillen and Broadmoor master mechanic Angelo Cimino modified the car in 1922, and he participated in the international ascent of Pikes Peak eight times over the course of 10 years until 1932. The car successfully completed the ascent to the summit in all eight attempts and finished twice with fourth place.

    The car was an excellent advertisement for the famous rise to Pikes Peak Hill and the resort of Broadmoor. More recently, in 2016, the Broadmoor Special was on display at the Pikes Peak Centennial Exhibition, and is currently at the Penrose Heritage Museum in Colorado Springs.

A replica racing car is a true marvel of culinary engineering, with ingredients that cost more than £ 1000. The wooden base on which he sits was built by two carpenters before assembling the car. With the finished catwalk, Thomas and 15 pastry chefs began their confectionery task, using a list of ingredients as impressive as the actual creation.

They needed 375 pounds of flour, 482 pounds of sugar, 425 whole eggs and 700 egg whites, 200 pounds of brown sugar, 100 pounds of honey, eight pounds of salt, 47 pounds of molasses, 412 pounds of butter, two pounds of yeast, a pound of activated carbon, a pound of baking soda, 1.3 pounds of baking powder, six pounds of celebratory spices, 300 pounds of dark chocolate and 100 pounds of white chocolate.

This shopping list is common at Broadmoor Resort this time of year, and it’s not even the biggest copy they have built so far. In recent years, they have built an exact replica of the original 1918 resort, 13.5 feet and 120 square feet high, as well as a copy of the Broadmoor railway train. Naturally, Santa is sitting in the driver’s seat of the gingerbread Broadmoor Special.