Concern VW AG will decide the future of Bugatti in the near future

Concern VW AG will decide the future of Bugatti in the near future

February 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Officials from the German Volkswagen Group say the future of the French company Bugatti, which is part of it, will be decided soon. “The decision on Bugatti will be made by mid-2021,” reads a press release.

Rumors that the Volkswagen Group is trying to sell the French company Bugatti first surfaced in September 2020. Then it was said that the leaders of VAG wanted to sell the company Rimac from the city of Molsheim as part of the merger, which would entail an increase in Porsche’s share in the Croatian manufacturer of electric hypercars.

In February 2021, Porsche CEO and board member of parent Volkswagen AG, Oliver Bloom, told the German weekly Automobilwoche that a decision on the fate of Bugatti would be made shortly. “How soon? I believe that this issue will be resolved by the group in the first half of the year.”

He acknowledged that Rimac “can play a role here because the brands fit together well.”

However, Blum clarified that VAG is currently analyzing “various scenarios regarding the fate of the French brand”, which means that the direction in which Bugatti will move has not yet been determined, and it is too early to talk about a change in ownership of this company. “There is an ongoing debate about how the Bugatti could be improved,” the Porsche boss told Automobilwoche.

“Rimac’s joining forces with Bugatti will be the perfect alliance to create successful hypercars, as both companies will be able to create engineered electric motors as well as classic internal combustion engines,” said Mr Blum. The Rimac C_Two hypercar, which will arrive later this year, boasts the most impressive performance in an electric vehicle to date, while the French Bugatti Chiron has a monstrous and very powerful W16 internal combustion engine.

If Bugatti and Rimac worked together in one way or another, it would be the first to get the technology to electrify its lineup.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Lamborghini and Bugatti believe that classic internal combustion engines are more important than ever. Italian Lamborghini and French Bugatti firmly believe that the combustion engine should be on the market for as long as possible.