Conceptual crossover Leap Motor C-More showed a serial appearance

Conceptual crossover Leap Motor C-More showed a serial appearance

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Leap Motor is a fairly prominent figure among young Chinese startups aiming at mass production of electric cars. It was created back in 2015. Then it became clear that the new company was not going to imitate Tesla.

The Leap Motor C-More show car was unveiled last year at the Shanghai Motor Show. The developers did not focus on the characteristics of the concept, noting only that its power reserve will be about 500 kilometers, and up to a hundred electric cars will accelerate in less than five seconds.

The concept car received miniature camera mirrors and “suicidal” rear doors. However, auto experts did not expect to see something like this on production cars. And so it happened.

Images of a serial crossover codenamed C11, created on the basis of the conceptual C-More, are published by the PRC patent office.

The debut of the electric car is going to be organized on September 26 at the Beijing Auto Show. The novelty will enter the home market only next year, and not earlier than the third quarter. The basis for the novelty was the new architecture C. There is still no information about the power plant of the serial electric car and the battery capacity. During the presentation of the show car, the developers hinted at the autopilot of the 3rd level, which can be upgraded to the 4th.

As for the appearance of the commercial SUV, it has become simpler, but the proportions have not changed. The bumpers have lost their chrome decor, and the optics have lost a complex pattern. But the charging port was left behind on the starboard side, as on the concept.

Meanwhile, Nio has come up with a unique way to make electric vehicles more affordable. The Chinese proposed to deprive electric cars of their most expensive component – the battery. They are going to sell cars without them, but the battery can be rented.