Concept Toyota GR Supra GT4 presented with racing motifs

Concept Toyota GR Supra GT4 presented with racing motifs

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the company published the next batch of photos-renders of the next modification of the new “Supra”. Apparently, the company decided to present its coupe in all possible racing series.

Is it possible that Toyota will release too many versions of the Toyota sports coupe? The company unequivocally believes that it does not, and strive to maximally extend the revived model in all possible directions. Following the recent concepts of GR Supra Racing and GR Supra Super GT, designed exclusively for the track, the company hints at the possibility of creating another version with GT4 specifications.

GR Supra GT4 was developed by the German company Toyota Motorsport GmbH. As a basis, the serial version of the A90 was taken. The car received a standard sports processing with a new aerodynamic body kit, and a large spoiler on the trunk lid. Of course, the interior has been completely disassembled for weight loss. Inside there is a spatial safety cage, as well as a sports seat with six-point seat belts.

Toyota GR Supra GT4 debuts at the 89th Geneva Motor Show on March 5th. The company also noted that it will continue to develop the racing side of the new “Supra” and we can expect new modifications of the sport coupe.