Completely autonomous race car Roborace will try to conquer the hill in Goodwood

Completely autonomous race car Roborace will try to conquer the hill in Goodwood

June 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A fully electric car, equipped with four motors with a total capacity of up to 500 horsepower will try to conquer the hill as part of the festival of speed in Goodwood. A special feature of the car will not be an electric power unit, not a fully carbon body, and not a fundamentally new approach to aerodynamics – the feature will be the complete autonomy of the car.

Experts have already noted that Robotic robotic car Robocar at a traditional festival, which demonstrates basically the skills of pilots – it’s unusual. The car is equipped with a bunch of computer processors, LiDAR system, radar sensors, GPS, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and also the body created by the Hollywood artist. And the car constantly controls the surrounding environment by 360 degrees.

“Goodwood Hill has set us an extremely difficult task: adapting a car with 4 and 5 levels of autonomy to a narrow, winding path of complex configuration, even for experienced pilots, is a real challenge.” The large number of turns often hidden by trees mean that rely on the GPS / RTK signal for positioning whether it will turn out “- Sergey Malygin, the main on software in ARRIVAL, engaged in development of the software for Robocar, said.

It is worth noting that 1,870 meters of track in Goodwood are considered really difficult, even for experienced drivers. And it will be the first time when an autonomous car will try to overcome the road of such complexity at high speed on its own. The Festival itself has been held in Goodwood since 1993 under the patronage of Lord March, the tenth Duke of Richmond.

A special feature of the festival is a large number of not only modern sports cars, but also cars and motorcycles with a hundred-year history. Also within the framework of the festival you can see the legendary Formula-1 cars, as well as other series cars. In addition, the most famous riders take part in the festival.