Complete autonomy Tesla cars will probably be a few weeks.

Complete autonomy Tesla cars will probably be a few weeks.

September 4, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Now in 2016 we were at the peak of new possibilities – the production of autonomous vehicles. As in any other field or sports or new technology or production process goes through a lot of tests and errors. As the one of the last tweeters Elon Musk, Tesla technology can develop autonomous vehicles just a few weeks by changing some settings in the software.

This means that the Tesla Model S and Model X will have better ability to distinguish danger and viewing the road. Updated Autopilot 2.0 or Version 8.0 – is the latest software package that helps better input process to receive the signal from the radar systems of cars and detect which ones are really dangerous event, which is a warning sign.

Although in the SAE eyes (Society of Automotive Engineers) it does nothing to improve autopilot Tesla from level 2 to level 4 (where the car can drive itself without the driver), it will help the car better to avoid interference and more secure than they were before that. Exciting news comes out of that Musk noted that the version is 8.1, which would outweigh the 4th level that we all expect.

Most Tesla’s models, who now go on roads, are not ready. To reach the 4th level of autonomy to be installed new sensors for current vehicles, including additional radar and even lidar sensor, the sensor, which uses the principle of radar detection, but uses while Lazarus. The new model Tesla Model S has been installed triple front camera and we do not be surprised if Musk announces upgrade hardware Autopilot, which will have new models and as an option, can be installed on the current model. In his Twitter Musk said he would inform us about updates of Autopilot 2.0 through the Tesla’s site.