Compiled a rating of used crossovers that are least likely to break

Compiled a rating of used crossovers that are least likely to break

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Choosing a used car is not easy. Therefore, based on data from reliability studies of the German Technical Inspection Association TUV, Consumer Reports, WhatCar and J.D. Power was ranked among 5 noteworthy used crossovers.

Experts in the course of their research on the reliability of various crossovers agreed that the Japanese Toyota RAV4 is quite a good car. Particularly noteworthy are the specimens equipped with atmospheric 2.0- and 2.4-liter engines, which are combined with a manual transmission or a classic hydromechanical automatic transmission.

The second place was taken by the Honda CR-V with similar engines. a pair of these units is a reliable automatic transmission. And the top three is closed by the representative of the European car industry – the Audi Q5 crossover. This model has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a reliable machine over the past 10 years. The choice in favor of this model is especially recommended by American experts from Consumer Reports and German experts from TUV.

The TOP-5 of reliable used crossovers also included the Mercedes-Benz GLC, 3-year-old copies of which were noted by experts from TUV, Consumer Reports and WhatCar, as well as the Korean Kia Soul, which British agency WhatCar suggests paying attention to. According to this publication, none of the several hundred owners of the Soul surveyed noted any serious damage to the car.