Competitor VW Atlas from Changan was updated one year after the start of sales

Competitor VW Atlas from Changan was updated one year after the start of sales

August 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Seven-seat crossover Changan CS95 went to the home market in late March 2017, but the manufacturer has already restyled the model. The first spy photo of the modernized all-terrain vehicle was posted on the network in July this year, but now in the base of the Ministry of Industry of China there were pictures of the fresh CS95 in full growth.

The model received a new radiator grille as like Lexus (as well as CS85 cross coupe and Raeton CC sedan), on which the Changan inscription now has the brand emblem. Another crossover got other bumpers and lanterns (the latter, by the way, are connected by an LED dash), plus the tailgate was redone. Photos of the updated CS95 yet.

Except for the height, which is increased to 1,790 mm (+5 mm), the remaining dimensions of the crossover have not changed: the length is 4,949 mm, the width is 1,930 mm, the wheelbase is 2,810 mm. The all-terrain vehicle is built on the upgraded version of the platform from the Changan Raeton sedan (not to be confused with Raeton CC).

The engine of the restyling Changan CS95 is also the same: the crossover is offered with a gasoline turbo-twin 2.0 (233 hp, 360 Nm) of Changan’s own design. The motor is combined with a six-speed “automatic” Aisin. In the “base” CS95 – front-wheel drive, for a surcharge is available transmission with the clutch of connecting the rear wheels.

The timing of the premiere of the updated crossover is still unknown. Most likely, the model will be presented this year. Recall, CS95 is the most expensive model of Changan (we are talking about cars with ICE, electric cars brands are even more expensive), the pre-reform cross will cost at least 159,800 yuan.

In China, the “ninety-fifth” competes with the GAC Trumpchi GS8 and Volkswagen Teramont (from 308,900 yuan.) Despite more attractive prices, the cross-country Changan is far from selling to rivals, so last year CS95 gained 20,912 hosts in the Middle Kingdom, while The GS8 sold 102,144 copies in the country in 2017, and VW dealers sold 75,114 Teramont SUVs, apparently because of low demand, Changan decided on the fast restyling of the CS95. Outside the Celestial Empire, the flagship cross is not yet available.