Company Bosch came up with how to save diesels

Company Bosch came up with how to save diesels

April 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The supplier of automotive components Bosch introduced a new technology that will significantly reduce the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from diesel engines. The solution not only helps to meet the stringent legal requirements, but will make diesel engines one of the most environmentally friendly engines.

The main purpose of the technology, which is called active temperature control, is to maintain the optimum temperature in the EGR system. It works most effectively at 200 degrees Celsius, which is rarely achievable when driving at low speeds, for example, in the city.

Bosch’s proposal is to transfer the EGR as close to the engine as possible to minimize temperature losses and to regulate the direction of the exhaust gas. This allows to reduce the level of NOx emissions to 13 milligrams per kilometer, with the current limit of 168 milligrams.

Since 2020, new requirements come into force, which limit emissions to 120 milligrams per kilometer. However, already Bosch company managed to achieve indicators of 40 milligrams: this result showed a test prototype based on VW Golf TDI in the city cycle and with sudden pressure on the gas pedal.

Earlier, the largest producers announced the termination of production or sale in certain markets of cars with diesel engines. Among them: the alliance of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Toyota and Volvo.