Company Alfa Romeo will revive Spider in 2022 (the first photos)

Company Alfa Romeo will revive Spider in 2022 (the first photos)

August 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

For some time now we see how the management of the company Alfa Romeo is trying to revive the company’s former popularity. To do this, work is underway to fully revise the model line, within which the concept of design and spirit of the brand will be revived.

On the eve of the network there was information that the brand Alfa Romeo would revive the Spider model with an open top already in 2022. And the model can receive and prefix GTV (Gran Turismo Veloce). This information has become known from sources in the company that is actively undergoing re-shaping priorities. This all happens in the framework of the previously announced development plan for the next five years.

Most recently, the brand said goodbye to its interesting, but already little popular hatchback MiTo, and the 4C coupe. The main emphasis in development will be directed to the disclosure of the line of crossovers in various segments. However, the SUV will not be limited, and the mid-engine sports car Alfa Romeo 8C will soon be introduced. Also, the company is preparing a model GTV (Gran Turismo Veloce) with a front engine. And also according to the information of the foreign edition of Car, GTV will also receive a coupe version (in 2021) and an open-top version of Spider (in 2022).

In fact, the future cabriolet will be a modeled Giulia with an open top. Of course, the design of the interior and exterior will be elaborated, a more powerful motor will be installed and the braking system will be strengthened, but otherwise it will be the model known to us. Unfortunately now it is not known whether the model will be called exclusively “Spider”, or will be called GTV Spider, or some other.

The last time “simply” Alfa Romeo Spider was called the open modification of the Brera coupe, and now there is a roadster 4C Spider, but there is only one word for this word – a prefix to the model name. But in the future model there will be a significant difference from all previous representatives of the company with an open top – this is a four-seat salon.

As a power unit can be installed top hybrid, built on the basis of a turbocharged V6 engine 2.9 liters with a capacity of more than 600 horsepower. In pair with it the automatic transmission, and also system of a full drive will work. The power reserve will be about 50 km only on electric traction.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Alfa Romeo 8C will receive an 800-horsepower hybrid engine. It will be a supercar with characteristics that can compete with the best Ferrari.