Compact Volvo XC40 is already on the line in China

Compact Volvo XC40 is already on the line in China

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish company has officially confirmed that it has launched a compact crossover at the factory of the concern Geely in Luqiao (China). Thus, the company will try to further increase sales of the popular model.

Up to this point, the Volvo XC40 model was produced at the only plant of the company in Belgium. However, the huge demand, exceeding 100,000 units for 2018, dictates its own conditions. Now the production of the model opened in China at the factory Geely. First of all, the plant will provide the local market.

“The demand for the XC40 exceeded all our expectations – even the most optimistic ones. Production of the XC40 in Luqiao will increase our production capacity, add flexibility to the alignment of forces on the map of our production geography and become a vivid embodiment of the strategy “we produce where we sell,” said President and CEO of Volvo Cars Hokan Samuelsson.

In the near future, the Chinese plant will concentrate on the production of other models owned by Volvo and Geely, built on a modern modular platform CMA (Volvo XC40, Lynk and Co 01 and Polestar 2).