Compact Mitsubishi Colt Plus is ready for sales, but has lost some of the features

Compact Mitsubishi Colt Plus is ready for sales, but has lost some of the features

November 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mitsubishi has updated the five-door hatch Mitsubishi Colt Plus, which is only in Taiwan. But at the same time, she lost the top version.

Hatchback Mitsubishi Colt left the world market almost like seven years. But the compact van developed on its basis with the Plus registry is still being implemented, but is available only in Taiwan, in the same country, and the creation of such five-door cars has been organized. The Colt Plus received the latest update in 2017, this year it got an X-face. And again the compact engine got improvements, but this time it got a decrease in status.

The exterior design received a minimum of changes: the bumper inserts are now black, fog lights can no longer be put on, but instead, L-shaped LED daytime running lights are installed. Inside, practically unchanged, at the same time, the Mitsubishi Colt Plus lost the maximum variation of the kit – that is, the car will not have a virtual dashboard and entertainment system with a touch screen, now only analogue scales and a tape recorder, under which there is a small compartment with a lid.

As a consolation, it can be considered that the basic version of the compact van will be safer: in addition to two safety cushions, a dynamic stability control system, traction control and a system that will help when starting to move on the rise are added. The most top-end configuration will use the electric tailgate.

The engine without changes is a petrol engine 1.5 MIVEC with a capacity of 112 hp. The engine, as before, works exclusively with a CVT, in which there are seven unchanged gears. The drive is only front.

The consumer interest in Mitsubishi Colt Plus is small: according to BestSellingCarsBlog, in January-October this year, 3,461 units were sold in Taiwan, which is 4.7% lower compared to the same time period of 2018. By the way, Toyota Sienta for ten months of 2019 acquired 10,809 owners (-18%). And even the old Nissan Livina sells more – 4268 units (-39%).

Recall that in Taiwan in the company’s lineup there is another unique car – they still offer a Lancer sedan. The Taiwanese four-door hatch was improved several years ago, since then it has received the Grand registration. The car also has an X-shaped front part, plus it has a completely modified feed.