Compact crossover Nissan Magnite enters the global market

Compact crossover Nissan Magnite enters the global market

June 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Initially, the budget car was only available in the Indian car market. Now the geography has been expanded to 4 countries.

The Japanese company Nissan has brought its Magnite crossover to the markets of three more countries. According to the portal “New Cars”, residents of Indonesia, South Africa and Nepal can now buy a car. Note that the crossover is also expected in our country, at least a patent has been received for it.

The length of the car is slightly less than 4 meters – with this design, the tax rate in India is much lower. At the same time, the technical filling of export cars will be slightly different – only a 1.0-liter turbo engine with 99 hp output, which works in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission or a CVT, will be available. But there will be no less dynamic “atmospheric”.

Drive, as before, exclusively on two front wheels. In a more advanced configuration, you can count on a modern infotainment complex, a digital dashboard and even wireless charging for gadgets.

True, the equipment of the car for Africa will be a little richer.