Compact cross Changan CS15 new generation began to sell in China

Compact cross Changan CS15 new generation began to sell in China

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The restyled SUV, which grew a bit after the upgrade, got a modified Lexus-style grille, new bumpers and optics, as well as the old engine.

Chinese motorists had the opportunity to purchase a budget Changan CS15 compact cross-over with a modified design. With the change of generations, this popular SUV in the Celestial Empire acquired a “refreshed” exterior with new headlights, bumpers, a glazing line and a radiator grille, as well as a quite decent list of available options (and this is despite the fact that the model is traditionally classified as budget).

Thus, the Changan CS15 of the new model year gets ABS and ESC, the “Start-Stop Engine” button, advanced multimedia with a large touch screen, 17-inch alloy wheels, as well as a panoramic roof with a sunroof, rear-view cameras and so on.

The dimensions of the compact crossover have also changed: it has become 135 mm longer, and its wheelbase has grown by 10 mm. But the engine remained the same – 107-hp engine and a half liters, combined with the manual or robotized transmission. On the full drive count, as before, is not necessary. Total residents of the China offered seven complete sets of the updated compact cross. The cost of the most affordable cars starts from 55,900 yuan. This is two thousand yuan more expensive than the “pre-reform” basic version. The most equipped Changan CS15 is now valued at 78,900 yuan

Earlier, the company Changan shared photos of its new crossover CS75 Plus.