Commercial vehicle in 2026 through the eyes of Bosch VisionX

Commercial vehicle in 2026 through the eyes of Bosch VisionX

September 22, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

On the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover Bosch demonstrates the 40-ton vehicle with an Internet connection, represented as a truck. The concept shows the future of commercial vehicles. “Connecting to the network, electrified and with autopilot these are trucks of tomorrow” – said Dr. Markus Heyn, a member of the Bosch board of directors. One of the many technologies embodied in the concept truck VisionX, – an automatic movement in the column. Apart from the fact that it will facilitate the work of drivers on long journeys, this feature significantly improves the safety of driving. In addition, the automatic movement of the column offers new opportunities to improve the efficiency cargo transportation.

In the future, numerous driving assistance systems will be combined with the autopilot, to make movement of trucks safer and more efficient. Together they will follow as if by the same rails. Vehicles in real time will begin to receive all necessary information from the Internet of Things cloud service Bosch IoTCloud. Communication will contain information about the movement and commute traffic, detour options, the opportunity to make unloading at the destination. This will help prevent vehicle downtime. Moreover, part of the truck control functions take over. For example, as soon as the car will leave the motorway, he could join a convoy of other trucks, following in the same direction, and will move in automatic mode. In this mode, the vehicle becomes a participant of the column following the leading truck, to which they exchange information, and from which is obtained the control commands. By controlling the procession of cars, where all participants at the same time carry out acceleration, deceleration and maneuvering, automated driving goes up to a new level of development, increasing the safety and making it easier for drivers. Driver provides truck control only so long, until he finds suitable for the movement of the column. When the car reaches the desired exit of the highway, the driver returns to the control, leaves the string and continues to move in manual or partially automated mode.

“As soon as the truck is connected to the movement in the column on the highway, drivers can easily plan your further route, and all will remain under their full control. They will receive all the key information about the movement of the displays in the cockpit and at any moment can take it over – says Dr. Hein. – “Trucks connecting to the network and with autopilot – it’s the future and we want to actively participate in their development.”

Improving the efficiency of vehicles will remain a major challenge in the future. Therefore, Bosch VisionX equipped with a diesel engine, which is very economical for commercial vehicles, and combines it with electric motors to drive auxiliary systems, such as the hydraulic pump. Trucks of the future will benefit work not only because of the hybrid technology, but also an organized movement in the colonies.

When the cars are accelerated in an orderly, slow down and maneuver, it not only improves road safety but also brings significant economic benefits. The automatic movement column autopilot security can be combined with the economic benefits, which is very important in the commercial transportation sector – commented Dr. Hein. – Synchronised movement of trucks one by one can save up to 10 percent fuel. This is a strong argument for the trucking industry.

“Connecting to the Internet and works perfectly on the network as your smartphone, the truck of the future will be a key component of the international logistics system,” – said Dr. Hein. New Bosch technology to make life easier for drivers in many directions – from receipt of shipping documents and ending with assistance in maneuvering and operating a motor vehicle. With access to the cloud service Bosch IoT Cloud, transport companies and customers will receive information about the current location of cargo at any given time. Moreover, drivers will be able to find and reserve a parking space along the entire route, which will make the trip less stressful.

Despite the fact that fuel costs play a key role in the commercial value of transportation costs, and other factors are of great importance. For example the loss incurred by downtime technique. Bosch VisionH Concept demonstrates how many opportunities exist for optimization of such situations in the future. Control of the technical condition of the truck in real time allows you to promptly inform the transport company about the necessary maintenance. This is the best way to schedule breaks in the schedule of movement of the car, it allows you to minimize downtime and improve the efficiency of appliances.

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