Collection of 41 classic cars seized from disgraced police officer

Collection of 41 classic cars seized from disgraced police officer

November 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The ex-police chief of Mexico City, in addition to cars, found three jet skis, an ATV and a motorcycle

Ex-head of the Mexico City Police Department, Raimundo Collins, lost a collection of vintage cars, three jet skis, an ATV and a motorcycle after they were seized by the city authorities, Carscoops reported. Collins’ arrest warrant was issued in early September, he was also put on the international wanted list. According to some reports, the disgraced policeman is hiding in the United States.

On the grounds of Collins’ mansion, a collection of classic cars was found – a total of 41 cars and several other vehicles. Among others, they found a second-generation Ford Mustang, a C3 Corvette, a pink 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, a 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, a 1927 Ford Model T, Rolls Royce and a classic Land Rover Defender. The police confiscated the entire collection and seized several works of art.

Collins led the Mexico City police force until the change of city government at the end of 2018, and before that led the Metropolitan Housing Authority (INVI). He is accused of embezzling public funds in the amount of $ 331,000. If proven guilty, Collins faces up to 27 months in prison.

In early November, the Attorney General’s Office of the Mexican capital established that Collins might be hiding in the United States and sent a request for his extradition.

Collins’ harassment is inferior to the collection of another criminal, the ex-owner of the American company Interlogic Outsourcing Inc Najib Kahn, who was accused of fraud worth millions of dollars. Kahn has assembled 240 vehicles worth $ 44.4 million. Earlier this month, the entire collection was auctioned off.