Collecting Cars will be auctioned for parts of a Ferrari GTB/4 Daytona

Collecting Cars will be auctioned for parts of a Ferrari GTB/4 Daytona

December 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Forty-year-old Ferrari GTB / 4 Daytona will be available for sale at Collecting Cars online auction. The 2-door is disassembled, but the new owner will receive all the missing parts to restore the model.

The car was heavily damaged at one time, but at the moment the body of the sports car has been completely restored. At the beginning of the recovery process, all the necessary elements were bought, which must be replaced, but the first owner did not manage to finish the repair. Then, the 10th anniversary GTB was held by various owners who also could not complete the restoration of the cult model.

  The history of this car began in 1971, when the first owner took the new Ferrari GTB from the factory in Maranello. He took part in the Monaco Grand Prix and other competitions, however, after several visits to the service, he sold a car. The car changed hands two more times, until in the late 70s it crashed. The owner tried to pull the sports car out of the cuvette using chains wrapped around the body, which only exacerbated the damage.

 As a result, the car was in such poor condition that the former owner decided to get rid of it. The model also appeared with two buyers who, over time, realized that they overestimated their own strengths and sold it further. As a result, she was motionless for almost 30 years, until she fell into the hands of the current owner, who bought the car in 2006 and spent 13 years restoring the body and compiling a list of all, even the smallest parts that needed to be restored.

This car, after years of inactivity, was finally completely restored. The body was restored in one of the best workshops, the chassis was brought to the factory state. Also, during the repair, the owner accumulated a couple of dozen boxes with different spare parts for cars.

Not much is left to complete the work – the car needs painting, restoration of mechanical units and restoration of the interior. As a bonus, the new owner will receive a “native odometer”, on which the real mileage is still displayed – 26,117 miles (42 thousand km).

In addition to this, it became known earlier what the first Ferrari SUV will be called. The novelty should be demonstrated in 2021.