ClearMotion prepares available active suspension

ClearMotion prepares available active suspension

May 16, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

The task of active suspension to keep the body of the car stably evenly, regardless of the quality of the roadway on which it rides. Such systems are expensive and, as a rule, they are included in equipping the “high-end” models.

ClearMotion, founded in the United States back in 2009. At first the company planned to create a suspension that transforms the kinetic energy of the oscillations into electric, but in the end it was decided to move in a different direction. The company began to develop an affordable active suspension. Currently ClearMotion has two divisions – one in America and one in England with a collective of 185 people in total and attracted investments of $ 230 million.

The system developed by ClearMotion has a simple design that does not require the replacement of standard elastic elements and stabilizers, touching only the shock absorbers. The principle of operation is the following: on the standard telescopic shock absorber, an additional module Activalve is attached laterally, which is essentially an external reservoir. It houses an electro-hydraulic valve and a pump controlled by an electronic unit. The reaction time for the stroke of the rod is only five seconds. When the wheel is lowered into the pit during the rebound, the pump intensifies its downward motion, and at the compression stroke “pulls” the wheel upward. The front camera is not involved in the system operation, but the electronics can memorize the road relief in the cloud storage with reference to the navigation system, which will ensure the advance preparation of the suspension to the unevenness next time.

The test system was integrated into the BMW five-series two years ago. How it works can be seen in the video – the sedan is passing a snake with almost no heels, smoothing the irregularities. In comparison with the stock car, the body oscillations have significantly decreased, but they are still present.

The company claims that the system will begin to complete the serial cars in 2019. First active suspension ClearMotion will receive small-scale models, but a year later integration into the mass segment will begin. What specific brands are not discussed, it is said only that the system will be used by the five largest automotive concerns. Promise also an affordable price and further decline after the start of mass production.