Classic Rover Mini with Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Engine

Classic Rover Mini with Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Engine

August 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

AMT Machine Shops has decided to seriously change the classic city car Rover Mini. Now it is equipped with a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle engine, which is installed between the axles of the machine. Judging by the posted video, the guys got a very funny buzzing car.

The original Rover Mini is still one of the benchmarks for a light city car. What if you decided to install a motor from a powerful Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle instead of the standard engine, and you decided to install it not under the hood, but behind the driver’s seat. And if you add rear-wheel drive and huge tires to that, you get a very wild version of the classic car.

This is exactly the idea that came to Adam from AMT Machine Shops tuning company. He wanted his Mini to stand out from the crowd and he did it.

Apart from the powerplant from a racing bike, the car is equipped with very wide fenders, a rear spoiler and a diffuser. With its new look, the car will look perfect in a racing team’s box.

Since the original Mini was originally a very small car, the folks at AMT had to get a little creative with the new powerplant. The engine, which is located behind the driver’s seat, does not have any partition and therefore all the noise and heat from it are so well felt in the cabin. The fuel tank is now located under the hood.

Rather than buying a gearbox that could handle the power of the new motor, Adam chose to keep the existing powertrain from the Ninja motorcycle. The vehicle also retains the existing Kawasaki motorcycle display elements that help monitor engine performance. In addition, the car also has a hydraulic handbrake.

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