Classic MINI offered to be turned into an electric car

Classic MINI offered to be turned into an electric car

November 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Swindon Powertrain has begun accepting orders for the Classic Mini Kit, which turns a classic MINI into an electric vehicle.

The cost of the kit starts at 8,850 pounds, in turn, deliveries are scheduled for next month. Weighing just over 70 kg, the kit includes the HPD E transmission system fitted to the original Classic Mini subframe. It has brackets specially designed for this powertrain, internal CV housings to accommodate standard propeller shaft assemblies and differential, or an optional limited slip differential.

The Swindon Powertrain package also includes a 12 kWh battery that can be installed under the hood after removing the original petrol engine.

It should be said that this battery powers an electric motor, the performance of which can vary between 107 and 161 hp. The kit, in particular, consists of a motor controller, a DC / DC converter, an on-board charger, a coolant pump and speed sensors.

In addition, quite recently, the first photo of the interior of the new electric car of the South Korean company Kia was circulated on the Internet. It should be emphasized that the premiere of the novelty of the Korean brand should take place next year.