Classic Jeep Honcho J-10 based on Gladiator pickup unveiled

Classic Jeep Honcho J-10 based on Gladiator pickup unveiled

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Dealership of the American brand introduced a special version of the mid-size pickup Gladiator. The car was named Jeep Gladiator Honcho J-10.

Recently, the American mid-sized pickup Jeep Gladiator has been used in many different tuning projects. Jeep presented a lot of variations of this car – these cars were shown at the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Utah (USA). And, if earlier we thought that these were the coolest versions of this model, now we are not so sure about that.

This time, the pickup got the legendary version of the J-10 Honcho – these cars were mass-produced from the late 1970s until the early 1980s. Honcho versions were among the line of trucks Gladiator J-Series – such machines were modified and re-equipped to overcome serious off-road.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

One of the things that distinguishes this Honcho from all the other J-10s is the ubiquitous set of stickers. The combination of black and gold colors also looks pretty cool.

The modern version of the Gladiator pickup, performed by the J-10 Honcho, was manufactured by an American brand dealership in Wisconsin (USA). And I must say that it is more than just a one-time truck, which has received some changes that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also functional. On his off-road capabilities really nothing is reported, as well as how much such a car will cost.

Honcho’s signature badges are also added to some parts of the mid-size pickup, and the embossed Jeep logo can be found on the back door. The grille was also painted in silver – absolutely the same on the classic J-10 trucks.

In general, we must admit that the remake of Gladiator J-10 Honcho, of course, looks very, very solid.