Classic BMW 2002 has undergone significant modernization

Classic BMW 2002 has undergone significant modernization

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Prices for the heavily upgraded version of the BMW 2002 are not mentioned, but we are told that a total of 300 copies will be built. We were also informed that Gruppe5 Motorsport is now accepting orders for a car, and mass production will be launched this summer. The project was named Gruppe5 2002.

You do not need to be a true BMW fan to know and appreciate the classic model of the Bavarian brand, which was a real star of road racing. The model was serially produced in the period from 1968 to 1975. Surprisingly, in the world of racing cars this car is still in great demand. An example is the racing team Gruppe5 Motorsport.

These guys can significantly upgrade the classic BMW 2002 1968-1975, so that he could become a real road monster. The project was named Gruppe5 2002.

 It is reported that the car is completely disassembled and by and large the whole is rebuilt. The company’s engineers will equip the car with a large amount of steel and carbon fiber, which will guarantee high strength while reducing the weight of the car. In addition, the model will receive the proper equipment necessary to fully comply with the FIA ​​safety protocol.

 The appearance of the Gruppe5 2002 clearly gives respect to the classic 2002 – the car received a wide-body aerodynamic kit, as well as wide wheels that are necessary for better traction in turns and during acceleration.

  The original 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is replaced by a V10 from the high-performance E60 BMW M5. This 5.8-liter monster produces at least 744 horsepower. If this is not enough, a 5.9-liter counterpart of this 803 hp engine is also offered. According to representatives of the company, the car will weigh only 997.9 kg and will be able to generate 1088.62 kg of downforce.

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