CityQ has opened a pre-order for a hybrid electric car and bicycle

CityQ has opened a pre-order for a hybrid electric car and bicycle

June 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Urban mobility of the future is not only speed and environmental friendliness, but also miniature. Bicycles could be suitable for the above criteria, but they do not protect citizens from weather conditions – heavy rain, snow or the scorching sun. CityQ from Oslo proposes to solve this problem with the help of transport at the junction of a bicycle and an electric car.

Car-eBike, as you might guess from the name, is a hybrid of an electric car and a bicycle designed for trips to work or for groceries. The electric car is not equipped with a direct drive – it is replaced by software that allows you to use an electric drive system that drives a 250 W electric motor. The maximum speed of the hybrid is 25 km / h. The batteries will provide a trip of 70-100 km from a single charge (the transported weight critically affects the range). According to the developers, this is the optimal speed and power reserve for comfortable movement in urban conditions.

In addition to the driver, another adult or two children will fit inside. Doors and windows can be closed completely or partially by the electric car, and there is a miniature trunk in the back, which can fit several small packages, for example, with groceries. The width of the Car-eBike is 87 cm, which is two times less than the average “light” class car and 7 cm wider than powerful mountain bikes. This vehicle weighs 70 kg, and its total load capacity is 300 kg.

Formally, according to EU law, Car-eBike is a four-wheeled electric cargo bicycle, so its driver can use both bicycle paths and public roads, but highway access for this hybrid is prohibited.

CityQ has already begun accepting pre-orders (reservation costs 99 euros), and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2021. The official cost of “transport of the future” is 6,000 euros.

The idea of ​​a four-wheeled bicycle with a roof and pedals is not new. Similar projects are being developed by Organic Transit, Sondors, and Better Bike.