Citycar Ford Ka turned into a dicyclic

Citycar Ford Ka turned into a dicyclic

October 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The authors of the unusual “tuning project” made an extreme and ultramodern vehicle from the city hatch Ford Ka.

Segways, scooters, dicycles – these fashionable vehicles today are wildly popular all over the world. The creators of the YouTube channel mastermilo82 decided to go with the times and turned into a dicycle compact Ford Urban hatchback. With the help of grinders, the masters removed “all unnecessary” from the design of the car, where it was necessary to weld, paint and put on huge wheels.

The front part of the body, mounted between two parallel wheels, acquired an external frame and two additional axles.

It is necessary to press the pedal “gas” – “shortened” Ford Ka inside the wheels begins to rotate along the rails. You can stop driving with the help of two special levers, which are installed next to the driver’s seat. These parts have another purpose – they allow you to control the dial wheel, performing the function of an automobile steering wheel.