Citroen wants to start 2019 with new models

Citroen wants to start 2019 with new models

November 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Managers of the automobile company Citroën officially presented new models of vehicles that fully comply with the basic requirements of customers.

The main differences in the new models appeared externally. It was on a complete change in the image of cars for a long time employees of the automotive company.

A striking example of this are the C5 Aircross, E-Berlingo and Co models of the next model year. Machines fully comply with all basic requirements from a technical point of view, and at the same time they look modern, with smooth and concise lines.

In order for the 2019 model to compare favorably with previous generations, not only a new design was developed, but also modern head optics, new bumpers and high-quality interior decoration for each car.

Despite the fact that the cars have not yet been officially presented, experts already say that they will be in demand and will be able to show the highest sales figure, compared to all the models that were previously presented.