Citroen Jumpy became fully electric

Citroen Jumpy became fully electric

May 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The French manufacturer has finally lifted the curtain i-e-Jumpy, an all-electric version of the famous van.

Already in November last year, Citroën showed the first images of the fully electric version of Jumpy and voiced some specifications. Today, the brand officially introduced the electric Jumpy, which, according to the publication, received the name e-Jumpy.

By and large, e-Jumpy has few surprises. This did not affect the basic qualities of the car, but is technically connected with the previously presented Opel Vivaro-e. Like his brother Opel, the e-Jumpy has a 136-hp electric motor in all trim levels. and 260 Nm, known for electric cars Opel Corsa-e and Peugeot e-208. Its maximum speed is electronically limited to around 130 km / h.

E-Jumpy comes on the market with 50 and 75 kWh batteries. The weakest of the batteries is designed for e-Jumpy lengths XS (4.6 meters), M (4.95 meters) and XL (5.3 meters). Regardless of the length, a van with such a battery pack can travel 230 km on a single charge and charge up to 80% in 30 minutes with a 100 kW DC charger. The 75 kWh option is reserved for e-Jumpy sizes M and XL. These versions have a range of 330 km, and they will need about 15 minutes to 80 percent battery charge.

Since the battery is located at the bottom, the loading capacity has not changed compared to the already known Jumpy with a diesel engine. The payload is 1,275 kg, but that’s not all. Practical vans have a towing capacity of 1000 kg, which means that they can still use a decent trailer. Like Jumpy, the e-Jumpy has a cargo volume of 4.6 cubic meters. This volume can be increased to 5.1; 5.8; 6.6 cc m, depending on the selected body modification, by choosing the optional Moduwork package (folding passenger seat). This will allow you to download 3.32 meter (XL) materials.

Electric e-Jumpy will hit the market in the second half of this year. Prices will be published in anticipation of its entry into the market. At the end of this year, the all-electric version of the larger Jumper will expand the Citroën line of electric vehicles, and the electric Berlingo Van will appear in 2021.