Citroen is not going to revive the legendary model 2CV

Citroen is not going to revive the legendary model 2CV

June 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This subcompact passenger car debuted at the Paris Motor Show back in 1948. Critics took the novelty, to put it mildly, cool, but ordinary customers immediately lined up for a new model.

Citroen 2CV – one of the legends of the French brand. This model, which at one time enjoyed wide popularity, is often called the French counterpart of the Volkswagen Beetle. The history of the car ended in 1990 – during this time millions of 2CVs managed to get off the assembly line. A few years ago, the media actively discussed the brand’s plans for the revival of this legendary model. One of the German publications even published sketches of the future news. It was planned that the appearance of the revived Citroen 2CV will issue based on the concept of C Cactus. Subsequently, the development of this topic has ceased.

The other day the question Citroen 2CV was again raised for discussion and received a very specific answer.

The head of the French company Linda Jackson said that Citroen does not plan to revive 2CV. The brand is aimed at perspective development, which is impossible without advanced technologies and modern design solutions. Today, Citroen has directed all its strength to the production of machines for the mass market, but often the brand allows itself liberty, releasing the original model “for the amateur.” For example, C4 Cactus. However, this was not enough for the appearance of the receiver Citroen 2CV.