Citroen has released details of the e-Jumper electric van

Citroen has released details of the e-Jumper electric van

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The French automaker has revealed its new all-electric bus: the e-Jumper. Its appearance was announced long ago, but only now Citroen provides the world with detailed information.

This is no longer a novelty because it will surprise no one that the Citroen e-Jumper uses the same technology as the Peugeot e-Boxer. This means that the electric version of the Jumper will have a 120 hp electric motor. and 260 Nm of torque. This “filling” allows the ë-Jumper to accelerate to a speed of no more than 110 km / h. The rear of the e-Jumper can hold up to 1,265 kg (L3H2) cargo.

The E-Jumper is available in five lengths from 4.93 to 6.36 meters and with two different battery packs. The 37 kWh battery is available for the smallest L1 and L2 versions and provides a 200 km range on a single charge (WLTP). A larger bus will automatically receive a larger package. L2S, L3 and L4 will receive a 70 kWh battery, which increases the range to 340 km.

The Citroen e-Jumper van can charge up to 50 kW from fast charging and up to 22 kW from a public charging station. In an hour, the bus will be able to travel with the battery, which will be charged up to 80%.