Citroen has announced a new flagship sedan CExperience

Citroen has announced a new flagship sedan CExperience

August 29, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Exclusive premiere of the concept CITROËN CXPERIENCE exactly one month before the Paris Motor Show demonstrates the ability to carry brand corporate identity «Be Different, Feel Good» in the class of large solid sedans. His exceptional exterior style and a number of exclusive developments, this concept reverses the established rules and demonstrates the benefits of the program “Citroen Advanced Comfort®».

CITROËN pleases unusual surprise – the world premiere of the concept CITROËN CXPERIENCE, which will be first presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show 2016. In this large sedan 4.85 meters long CITROËN embodies the ambitions and the higher market segment, offering him his philosophy «Be Different, Feel Good ». The exclusive, new and fresh, international style of the body – this is a new step forward in the development of the offensive strategy of the brand.

In keeping with the history and know-how of the brand, the latest creation is a global sample of comfort that has always been one of the foundations of CITROËN vehicles. Concept car CITROËN CXPERIENCE shows the program «Citroën Advanced Comfort®» in action, designed to ensure maximum comfort and care about the passengers. Supporting the development of style and technology in new models of the brand, this program reflects the changing expectations of users and is an important part of each stage of the creation of a new car.

CITROËN CXPERIENCE interior draws inspiration from the world of architecture, decoration, furniture – as a result the interior is full of new pure items and modern lines. Here we have used premium materials and finishes citrus yellow color, which is synonymous with freshness and positive mood.

Steering wheel with a single needle and the horizontal design of the dashboard emphasize the relationship of the concept to the legendary historical brand models. The bulk form and a concave interior panels, passing around the cabin from the back of the right to the left rear door, reinforce the impression of space, lightness, amplitude. A yellow tones in the interior decoration set a special atmosphere and emphasize the visual unity between the zones of the driver and passengers.

Considerable attention is paid to the design of the seats, upholstered in yellow mesh fabric with a “memory effect”. Seat backs are made of walnut wood in an elegant light tone, as well as finishing the front panel. Door cards are made of high quality materials and resemble a cozy niche for things. Fabric color “aqua” connects the interior with the exterior, where the concept of the body is painted in a similar color. In addition, this interior creates a striking contrast with the interior panels of citrus colors. Flat floors are covered with dark skin with a destructured design. Finally, wide chrome window sills on the right and on the left emphasize carefulness decoration, interior colors and materials.

The emphasis on intelligent technology can also be seen on the example of a rechargeable hybrid powertrain, which gives a relaxing and comfortable ride. As if inviting to a fascinating journey, Citroën CXPERIENCE concept boasts efficiency and capacity of its hybrid engine. This rechargeable hybrid petrol power unit incorporates all the latest developments and experience of PSA Group.

Concept car Citroën CXPERIENCE demonstrates impressive growth thanks to gasoline engine with 150-200 hp (Depending on mode) and an additional 80 kW electric motor. Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept can travel a distance up to 60 km in electric vehicle mode, ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle). On the route fuel consumption can be reduced through the use of two forms of energy in successive phases of acceleration. On the motorway the main role goes to an internal combustion engine, which delivers exceptional performance – total power can reach 300 horsepower.

Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept equipped with a battery capacity of 3 kWh, which can be recharged in 1-2 hours from a conventional wall outlet or 30 minutes of fast charging station – all thanks to the charger capacity of 6.6 kW. To control the battery charging provides an attractive and functional solution – a couple of indicators at the top of the hood, which is a continuation of the line of daytime running lights.

The design and architecture of the components of concept car Citroën CXPERIENCE are esigned and unique. It uses 8-speed automatic transmission that is mounted transversely between the combustion engine and electric motor. The compact battery is located under the cabin and transmits power to the rear axle. This approach provides a space for passengers in the cabin and a roomy trunk.

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The new solution – a rechargeable hybrid gasoline (plug-in hybrid) – allows you to enjoy the trip in all conditions: unhurried movement in the city center on the electric drive, or fast, dynamic ride on the freeway. And all this – with a minimum fuel consumption and maximum attention to environmental protection.

Two examples of application of the program «Citroën Advanced Comfort®» demonstrate the brand ability to communicate their values and positioning in different segments of the market, at the Paris Motor Show will be presented:
– Citroën C3, the new representative of the brand in the B-class;
– Concept Citroën CXPERIENCE, as an example of exceptional comfort in the segment of executive cars!