Citroen has achieved a ban on the sale of Polestar 2 in France

Citroen has achieved a ban on the sale of Polestar 2 in France

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Polestar also has to pay the French 150 thousand euros

Citroen has obtained a court order to ban the sale of Swedish Polestar 2 electric cars in France. The reason was the similar logos of the brands – because of this, Polestar lost one of the European markets, which it entered only this summer. Moreover, the Swedish brand must also pay Citroen compensation in the amount of 150 thousand euros.

One more problem was added to the problems of the Swedish brand Polestar. Customer complaints about stalling cars and two large-scale recall campaigns were followed by legal action in France over the logo similarity between Polestar and Citroen, as well as DS, a brand owned by Citroen. The French considered that this “damages the reputation of the brand” and achieved that the court banned Polestar from using the emblem in the country for at least six months, that is, in fact, to sell cars in France.

At Polestar, the judge has not yet commented on the decision, but France is no longer on the list of countries where you can order a Swedish electric car.

Earlier, European owners of Polestar 2 complained that electric cars fail almost immediately after purchase – due to a software failure, the power was turned off, and it was impossible to restart the system. It was later revealed that the cause was a defective inverter, due to which the company had to recall all the machines sold.

Today a second defect has become known, this time with a high voltage coolant heater (HVCH). Polestar will replace it for 3,150 electric cars free of charge.