Citroen celebrates 60th anniversary of the Ami model

Citroen celebrates 60th anniversary of the Ami model

May 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The French company Citroen celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Ami this year.

This was reported by the press service of the manufacturer. Following the Traction Avant, 2 CV and DS models, the design team led by Flaminio Bertoni took on a new project, the AM Project.

The result of the painstaking work of the stylists was the Ami 6. Like other models of the company, the novelty had a distinctive appearance that made it possible to unmistakably distinguish the car in the traffic flow.

The novelty received at its disposal a 2-cylinder engine with a volume of 602 cm3 from the sister model 2 CV. He developed a power of 22 hp. and set the front wheels in motion.

The name Ami has become a phonetic combination of the name of the project AM and the first letter of the word Miss, and also resembles the Italian word for friend – amici. The production of the model was organized at the company’s new plant in Rennes, France.

Interestingly, one of the first owners of Ami 6 was Yvonne de Gaulle, the wife of General de Gaulle.

To popularize the model, the company organized the Le Tour de Gaule d’Amisix rally, in which two production Ami 6 station wagons participated. They started on January 19, 1966 at the Rennes plant and arrived at the finish line 23 hours and 11 minutes later. During this time, the crews covered 2,077 km, showing an average speed of 89.6 km / h.

In June 1963, the Ami 6 was introduced to the US market. The model was distinguished by four round headlights instead of two oval ones, as well as reinforced bumpers.

In addition to its native France, the model was produced in Belgium and Argentina. In total, the company produced 1,039,384 copies of the Ami 6: 483,986 sedans, 551,880 station wagons and 3,518 vans with double saloon “blind” rear windows. Today the car is already a collectible. A car in good condition can be purchased from about 5,000 euros.