Citroen C4 Cactus again became a crossover

Citroen C4 Cactus again became a crossover

May 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Citroen has announced an updated Cactus for Latin America. The model differs from the European version.

Five-door C4 Cactus entered the market in 2014, the model was initially positioned as a compact crossover. In the fall of 2017, the renewed Cactus was introduced, intended for the European market. Along with the design, the positioning of the “Frenchman” also changed – it was “demoted” into hatchbacks (the company cleared the way for the C3 Aircross). Now Citroen has declassified the model for Latin America: in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia C4 Cactus will again become an SUV.

Cactus production for the Latin American market will be established in Brazil (the European version is produced in Spain), the novelty will be on sale in the second half of this year. From the european hatchback the cross differs by the presence of roof rails. In addition, in the rear doors of the “SUV” – ordinary falling glass, while the European C4 Cactus glass can only be slightly thrown aside. Photo of the interior of the manufacturer did not provide. Probably, the salon at the cross will be the same as the European hatchback.

Silent in Citroen and the “stuffing” C4 Cactus SUV. European model after restyling received a new suspension with hydraulic limit stops (Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, PHC): standard shock absorbers added a pair of hydraulic buffers, which “extinguish” blows during the compression and rebound strokes. However, it is possible that in Latin America, this suspension will still refuse, so that the model does not come out too expensive.

On the boot door of the crossover, you can see the THP logo. The Brazilian media suggest that the C4 Cactus SUV will be offered with a 1.6 THP motor with a power output of 173 hp. Also in Brazil, the crossover is likely to be sold with a 1.6 FlexStart engine, running both on gasoline and ethanol: in the first case, the output will be 115 hp, in the second – 118 hp. Like the pre-reform Cactus (when it was an SUV in all markets), the drive of the novelty will only be front.

In Europe, the C4 Cactus hatchback is now available with a petrol turbo 1.2 PureTech (130 hp), atmospheric 1.2 (75 or 82 hp) and its turbo version with a yield of 110 hp, a four-cylinder 1.6 turbo diesel BlueHDi (99 hp). Transmission – manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

Previously, the company Citroen introduced an updated sedan C4, intended for Latin America. From the Chinese version of this four-door car is different digital dashboard and a more modern multimedia system.