Citroen built an electric car that you can drive without a license

Citroen built an electric car that you can drive without a license

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Citroen introduced a serial city electric car called Ami. Which is classified as a quadricycle, so in Europe it can be operated without a driver’s license from 16 years old, and in France even earlier – from 14 years old.

Citroen Ami is made in the form of a cube, and its doors open in different directions: the driver’s – against the move, and the passenger – as usual, in the direction of travel. In terms of dimensions, the electric machine turned out even more compact than Smart Fortwo. The length of the novelty is only 2410 millimeters, width – 1390 millimeters, height – 1520 millimeters.

The unregulated passenger seat is shifted inland – for the convenience of landing tall passengers. They can place their things at their feet. Instead of a multimedia system, a holder for a smartphone was installed, and the internal door handles were replaced with fabric hinges (like on track Porsche). There are no airbags in the car.

The power of the electric power unit Citroen Ami is not reported, however, the battery capacity is known – 5.5 kWh. The top speed is only 45 km / h, and the cruising range is 70 kilometers. It takes 3 hours to fully charge from a household network.

Citroen Ami costs € 6,000 in the French market. It can also be taken on long-term rent with an initial payment of 2 644 euros and a monthly payment of only 19.99 euros. Later, the electric car will appear in the company’s Free2Move car sharing with a tariff of 26 euro cents per minute.