Citroen announces new sedan

Citroen announces new sedan

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Citroen reports that at the end of this year will introduce the world a completely new sedan. On June 30, Citroën will unveil the all-new C segment sedan.

Although the company says little about the model, it indicates that the car is in line with the brand’s electrification strategy. In any case, count on the appearance of a hybrid version (with a plug-in module), although the fully electric version cannot be ruled out.

Citroen has long nurtured the idea of ​​finally providing a successor to C5, according to the publication However, this car does not fall into the C-segment, in which the announced newcomer will work. Therefore, it is possible that at the end of June Citroën will show the successor to the C4 (Cactus), which is completely different from the sedan in its traditional sense.

Previously, this version of the body was not available for the C4, but spy shots of a disguised mysterious Citroen prototype clearly indicate that it is a crossover with a slightly sloping roof line. If this car suddenly turns out to be a sedan despite its high design, then this is exactly the car that will be presented at the end of next month.