Chrysler updates Voyager and Pacifica lineup

Chrysler updates Voyager and Pacifica lineup

September 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The models will receive a number of improvements and become more expensive.

According to the latest data, the base version of the updated Chrysler Voyager L will cost $ 250 more than the 2020 model year at $ 28,730. The LX version will have to shell out at least $ 31,540, and for a taxi car – $ 34,740.

Alternatively, Chrysler has the Pacifica, which has better equipment, better looks, but a higher price tag. For example, the basic version of the Touring will now cost at least $ 36,540, which is $ 1,000 more than the 2020 model. Customers can now get an AWD system for petrol versions of the minivan for an additional cost of $ 2,995.

Interestingly, the two maximum configurations of Chrysler Pacifica can be equipped with all-wheel drive only if they do not have a hybrid power plant. This puts the hybrid at least $ 41,490 for the 2021 model year. And the maximum configuration of Pinnacle with a hybrid power plant will cost from 52,340 dollars, while the cost of the same equipment, but with four-wheel drive and a gasoline engine will be 54,885 dollars.