Chrysler revives Voyager name for Pacifica minivan

Chrysler revives Voyager name for Pacifica minivan

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker decided to rename the most basic version of the Pacifica minivan into Voyager. Official data on prices and the date of commencement of sales yet.

The last time we saw the new Voyager minivan back in 2003. Originally known as Plymouth Voyager, it was marketed under the Chrysler brand when, in 2001, it was decided to discontinue the work of the automaker Plymouth. However, it was an awkward step, because Chrysler already had a high-end minivan in its model range. History lesson aside – back in our days.

The product name is now back as the new entry-level minivan from Chrysler, which will replace the cheaper bundling of the famous Pacifica.

This does not mean that this is really a new Chrysler offer. When we say that it replaces the basic versions of L and LX, we mean that the Voyager icon literally replaces the Pacifica icon. The van in both versions is the same, up to 287-hp V6 under the hood and the standard 7-seater interior layout. According to representatives of the American brand, the version of Voyager LXi will be appreciated by buyers.

The equipment version of the LX version will include satellite radio and four-seater seats for the second row instead of solid benches. Otherwise, all models come as standard with a 3.5-inch dashboar-screen digital display, a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system, as well as basic elements such as power windows. Additional features include SafetyTec – blind spot monitoring, rear parking assistance and cross-motion detection.

It is not clear why the company decided to restore the name Voyager now. The price of a Voyager minivan or the date of commencement of sales has not yet been announced.

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