Christian Horner Both riders were able to recoup

Christian Horner Both riders were able to recoup

September 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Both Red Bull Racing racers earned points in Monza, but the team clearly expected more …

Alex Elbon (6th): “The result is not bad, although the race did not go as we planned. The track does not fit our car, I was not lucky in qualifying, and I started not in the best way – I had to recoup. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough speed on straight lines to attack our rivals, we had to act in corners, drive alongside rival cars along dirty sections of the track, and sometimes the car lost its grip.

I took off several times, received a five-second fine, but with each step my racing pace improves, I made great progress after the race in Spa. I hope that in Singapore everything will go even better – there is more downforce, more turns, which suits our car. There are still many races ahead, I feel more and more competitive. “

Max Verstappen (8th): “In the first corner, I damaged the front wing – when everyone slowed down, I hooked on Sergio’s rear tire. I drove into the pits for a new wing and continued the race – the car was fast on the free track.

Many managed to get ahead, but no luck with the virtual security machine – as a result, three or four riders, whom I had already overtaken, again were ahead of me – and the second time during the race I was stuck with Perez. I could not overtake him – on the lines of his car is very fast.

We have made significant progress in working with the power plant, but we need to work hard to add even more.

Incidents, like mine in the first corner, happen when you start behind. The last two races were difficult for us, but now I look forward to more traditional tracks and starts in high positions. “

Christian Horner, team leader: “In a difficult race for us, both riders were able to recoup.

Alex lost a couple of positions on the first lap and rushed to break through the peloton, but in the episode with Sainz he was off the track, because of which he rolled back, missing a couple of cars. He again began to recoup, but received a five-second penalty for overtaking Magnussen, who had to serve at the pit stop. In general, he had a good race, finishing sixth in the end.

Max, because of the penalty, started from the last row and in the first lap damaged the front wing. I had to turn into the pits, where our guys replaced the nose cone in less than ten seconds, but then had no luck with the security virtual machine mode.

Once on the free track, Max rode at the pace of leaders and was able to catch up, despite a small problem with the speed limiter, which was very inhibited during overtaking.

Having completed the stage with the sixth and eighth places, we are leaving Europe and are looking forward to the final stage of the season, which will begin with the stage in Singapore. ”