Chris Bangle’s electric booth will be serial in two years

Chris Bangle’s electric booth will be serial in two years

October 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the early 2000s, the American Chris Bangle became a real bugaboo for orthodox BMW fans: having received the position of chief designer in a Bavarian company, he abruptly changed the habitual shark style of the cars she produced to something incomprehensible, still difficult to describe. The 7 Series of the E65 / E66 generation caused a real shock at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2001, comparable in strength to the presentation of the Citroen DS at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, only with a minus sign: it was revolutionary and yet, in the opinion of many, absolutely terrible, and it was difficult to say that shocked more, exterior or interior.

BMW Bangle left the company in 2009 and founded a design studio named after himself in Italy – Chris Bangle Associates (CBA). A couple of years ago, the state-owned Chinese industrial corporation CHTC (China Hi-Tech Corporation) decided to use its services, she ordered Banglu to develop an innovative electric vehicle for the city. The Briton came off the Chinese to the fullest: last December, on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show, he presented the REDS project, stuffed with eccentric design ideas.

The abbreviation REDS stands for Revolutionary Electric Dream Space. The REDS Redspace car, which resembles a newsstand on wheels and a “glass” type police booth, is less than 3 meters in length, but at the same time accommodates four people. Since Redspace is designed primarily for the city, aerodynamics is not very important for it – hence the vertical broken lines, a flat roof with a built-in solar battery and a windshield with a negative slope (this solution allows you to avoid glare in the cabin). It is assumed that Redspace will become for the future owner a second home, where you can even spend the night if necessary, and therefore the chair can easily be transformed into sun beds, between which you can put a laptop or a plate of food on the folding table.

A year ago, the American public looked with interest at another fruit of the rich imagination of Bangle and safely forgot about it, but the REDS project, meanwhile, did not stall: this week it was presented in China, and besides the basic Redspace model, they showed a retro version of an electric car called Redsky and a crossover version of Redstrong on plump “toothed” tires and roof rails. According to the Chinese Internet resource Autohome, unusual “trains” will be put on the conveyor in 2020 and will be able to drive on a single charge from 350 to 500 km. Other specifications have not yet been announced, but a year ago, the developers declared that they would be “best in class.”