Chinese Yudo Auto announced electric cars on a new platform

Chinese Yudo Auto announced electric cars on a new platform

August 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese automaker shared its plans for the next five years at a specially organized conference held in the Chinese city of Xiamen.

The Yudo Auto brand has very ambitious plans for the future, which the automaker does not hide. In six months of 2020, the brand sold about 400 of its cars, which prompted the leadership to think about global reform.

So, according to CEO Lin Mi, at the end of this month, buyers will see the updated electric cars Yudo π1 and π3. At the same time, the prices for these models will remain unchanged. At home, these cars cost from 100 to 150 thousand yuan.

At the same time it is reported that for future electric models Yudo Auto will create a “smart” modular platform of the next generation. Work in this direction is already underway. The Chinese promise to present the first car on the newest “cart” in early 2021.

The new platform will allow buyers to choose between different batteries and drive types.

In addition, according to specialized media reports, the brand allegedly has a new electric motor that does not emit unnecessary vibrations and noises. Also for next year, the autopilot of the 2nd level is announced. By 2022, the brand promises to upgrade it to level 3, and by 2025 – to level 4. In general, in five years, Yudo Auto is going to significantly increase its authority among electric car manufacturers in order to get into the “three” leading companies in the PRC.

Meanwhile, Bugatti is going to present exclusive electric cars for children. This is a miniature version of the legendary Type 35 from the mid-1920s. The circulation of such unusual electric vehicles will be limited.