Chinese Wuling declassified its first electric car

Chinese Wuling declassified its first electric car

March 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The novelty is very tiny in size, which makes it an ideal sitikar.

The Chinese company Wuling for the first time shows images of its future electric novelty – a compact EV, which, despite its modest parameters, promises to be a four-seater. While working on this electric car, the Chinese were looking for inspiration among Japanese key cars. Hence, for example, the correct geometry of the electric car from Wuling: right angles, strict lines, etc. But the name of the future “green” news is not yet available.

 In length, the Chinese electric car reaches only 2.92 meters. This is enough to comfortably accommodate four people, the developers assure.

 For comparison, a car from Wuling is 22 centimeters longer than the same miniature Citycar Smart Fortwo. The car can be equipped with one of two available batteries of different capacities – 9 or 14 kWh. But the electric engine is prepared alone, its power is 27 horsepower. They promise to reveal more details about their new electric car in Wuling in the very near future.