Chinese startup released electric Lingbao Box

Chinese startup released electric Lingbao Box

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The start of a new week would not be complete without the introduction of a new electric model from China. This time at the digital booth is the Lingbao Box.

Lingbao is the new Chinese brand of the Chinese company Jiangsu Jemmel New Energy Vehicle Industry. A completely new manufacturer immediately advances its first-born: Box, which is a 3.46-meter five-door hatchback with a 2.46-meter wheelbase. This makes the car twenty centimeters shorter than, say, the Hyundai i10, although the wheelbase of the Box is about 3 cm longer than the Korean.

This is partly due to the power plant Lingbao Box. The “hilarious” Chinese hatchback is fully electric. Under the hood, there is a 61 hp electric motor. and 150 Nm of torque, which is powered by a 17.7 kWh battery. According to Lingbao, Box should be able to drive about 150 kilometers on a single charge on the NEDC cycle.

For those who find the Box look familiar, recall that the electric car has a strong resemblance to the Daihatsu Cast, introduced in 2015. Lingbao has no affiliation with Daihatsu, so the copying process will not be carried out with the permission of the Japanese brand.