Chinese startup NIO prepares more battery than Tesla

Chinese startup NIO prepares more battery than Tesla

November 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company intends to offer a battery pack for 150 kilowatt-hours

Chinese company NIO on Friday solemnly announced that more than 5,000 electric vehicles have been built since the beginning of October, which is a new production record for the startup. In parallel, information began to arrive from China that NIO specialists were developing a new battery with a capacity of 150 kilowatt-hours.

NIO now offers its customers 70, 84 and 100 kilowatt-hour batteries. The new battery pack will be of the same size as the old ones, meaning that all batteries will be interchangeable. This is important because a feature of NIO electric vehicles is the ability to quickly exchange dead batteries for charged ones at special service stations. In other words, preparing for a long journey, you can replace your 70-kilowatt battery pack with a new one for a reasonable fee, and when you return, you can replace it.

Now even Tesla has no batteries for 150 kilowatt-hours. It is only in the long term that more capacious battery packs are planned for the Cybertruck models and the new Roadster sports car. Preliminary, the range of NIO crossovers with the new battery will be about 900 kilometers on a single charge according to the optimistic NEDC measurement method adopted in China.

NIO is currently producing three electric vehicles. They are all crossovers: the big ES8, the more modest ES6 and the sporty version of the latter with the EC6 cross-coupe body. Outside of China, NIO is best known for its Formula E performances.