Chinese smartphone maker plans to release cars

Chinese smartphone maker plans to release cars

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

OPPO, known for its high-end premium electronics, continues to expand its business.

The founder and president of OPPO Electronics, Tony Chen, recently shared his plans regarding his future brainchild. According to AutoTimesNews with reference to the Chinese specialized publication IThome, the smartphone manufacturer does not mind linking its activities with cars. Of course, in the long run. A company can enter the automotive market in ten years, not earlier. There is no specifics yet, however, judging by the latest OPPO projects, it can be assumed that the manufacturer is able to create a high-tech car equipped with a lot of “smart” electronics.

In the meantime, the Chinese company has completely different plans for the next three years: it will direct $ 7 billion to develop technology in the field of mobile devices. So, for example, the company is going to rely on today’s smart watches and headphones, as well as try their hand at manufacturing processors. At the same time, the Chinese continue to actively develop 5G technology.

Recall that at present, more than 250 million people worldwide use Oppo products and services.

Recall that we previously wrote about the British consumer electronics manufacturer Dyson, which, unlike OPPO, has already managed to try its hand in a new field for itself – the development of electric cars. The Dyson team ultimately created a “green” car, but the project was still canceled, recognizing commercially unprofitable.