Chinese motorists will switch to a new type of fuel

Chinese motorists will switch to a new type of fuel

March 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cars of government departments, delivery services and taxis, in several provinces of China, are being transferred to refilling with methyl alcohol. This decision was made in eight departments.

The transfer of the car park to a new type of fuel will be carried out in a number of provinces where raw materials are extracted for the production of methanol.

So, in Shaanxi, 10 thousand units of transport are being prepared for conversion to methanol, and there are 7 thousand such vehicles in Guiyang province. It is noteworthy that in China already more than six thousand cars drive on methyl alcohol, thus, the use of this type of fuel will not be a novelty for the local car industry.

This program fits into the Chinese government’s strategy for more intensive use of alternative energy sources. This is dictated by the need to improve the environmental situation in cities, which suffer from gas pollution and smog due to the high concentration of road transport.

According to the plan of the authorities of the People’s Republic of China, from 2020 in the country of the annual should be produced two million cars operating on alternative fuels, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.