Chinese Internet giant Baidu launched the first tests of its own autonomous vehicles

Chinese Internet giant Baidu launched the first tests of its own autonomous vehicles

June 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Baidu for the first time tested its own unmanned system. Road tests were carried out on a public highway.

Back in March of this year, Baidu Corporation from the Middle Kingdom received permission from local authorities to conduct road tests of its own unmanned vehicles. Only yesterday, it was officially announced that the first tests on the intercity route of two cars were being carried out.

The cars were tested on a public road. The new Tangshan-Langfang route in Tianjin is not used yet and will be put into operation later this year. According to the representatives of the company, testing on a 33-kilometer section of the road will allow engineers to conduct a lot of checks and improvements. In the first place, systems of sense of the environment and self-control of the system under real conditions were tested.

Baidu is becoming one of the main players in China in developing technologies for self-managing cars along with two other Chinese technology companies – the Alibaba Group and the technologist Tencent.

Until recently, testing of unmanned vehicles in China was banned. And in May of last year, at a local level, a scandal broke out, after the release of information on the withdrawal of the test drone Baidu, driven by the head of the company Robin Lee.

According to the preliminary findings of the analytical agency McKinsey & Company, China will soon become the largest market for such technologies and services. And by 2030 the profit volume of this segment only in the Middle Kingdom will grow to 500 billion dollars.

Unfortunately now it is not known at what stage the Baidu corporation is located. It is expected that the company will not lag behind in unmanned technologies from other world producers.

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