Chinese government will support hydrogen motors

Chinese government will support hydrogen motors

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to government support, production and sales of hydrogen cars will increase.

Recently, Chinese automakers announced plans to increase the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles sold. The companies expect to be helped in this by the country’s government, which will announce its intentions by the end of September.

For example, SAIC Motor has already announced that it plans to sell more than 10,000 fuel cell models annually by 2025, and Foton intends to reach 15,000 by that time. These statements came after a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced the deployment of a new package of measures to support fuel cell vehicles.

Currently, the support from the Chinese government is to provide subsidies for the purchase of such machines. The support is expected to expand with smarter infrastructure and support for hydrogen car component manufacturers.